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As an independent consultant, I am open to exploring opportunities of collaborating on projects aligned with my areas of interest and expertise.

  • Struggle with designing educational curriculums and implementing inclusive learning processes, either online or in-person, that cater for different learning styles.

  • Have a hard time connecting people and building bridges across differences, whether in communication styles or cultural differences.

  • Would like to teach young people about global citizenship and support them in developing global and intercultural competencies that are essential to work and live in the 21st century.

  • Need to measure the development of intercultural and global competencies. 

  • Host virtual or physical events that could benefit from an empathetic and experienced MC or mediator.

I can add value to projects that:


Instructional Design

Curriculum design in topics related to intercultural education, global competence development, and Global Citizenship Education


Development and implementation of training and capacity-building programs for educators (teachers, facilitators or volunteers)


Facilitation of learning processes, both online or


Research & Insights

Data collection and analysis around global competence development


Emeecing and mediating events, both online or in-person

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Through active listening, I want to understand your vision, project goals, and desired impact;


I help you to define clear learning objectives, as well as to select the right methodologies to meet your goals considering your target audience and education approach;


I share my insights, knowledge, and opinions in a clear, effective way, adjusting my communication style to different contexts or formats;


I create safe learning spaces where every contribution and perspective is welcome. I actively work to reduce any barrier that might keep certain groups of people from engaging with an activity;


I am flexible and like to keep myself open to changes when needed, always keeping an eye towards meeting deadlines;


I measure and analyze your project's key performance indicators, transforming them into clear, useful insights for your organisation or program.

explore some of my previous projects

I have trained over 1000 educators
(teachers, facilitators, volunteers) and contributed to the development of programs that have reached over 30,000 participants in more than 60 countries.

Effect+ Program: Global Citizenship Education for Local Impact

An interactive Global Citizenship Education Workshop for youth about the UN SDGs - implemented in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and later expanded globally, now reaching 12,000 teens and 280 schools and educational institutions in 18 countries. In 2020, with the support of a grant, I led the development of a classroom edition of the program which includes an Educator Toolkit with resources for teaching Active Global Citizenship & the SDGs for high school students. The Effect+ for the ClassroomToolkit for Educators was piloted with 150 teachers in Brazil, Colombia, and New Zealand who have gone through a capacity-building program and is available for free to all teachers worldwide in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The program was featured as a case study on the EIU/GCED Best Practices by UNESCO-APCEIU series on a publication written by me. 

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Global Competence Certificate: Special Edition

The Special Edition of the Global Competence Certificate (GCC) was a response provided by AFS Intercultural Programs to high school students whose study abroad programs were cut short due to the COVID-19 crisis. Over 5,800 high school students in 50+ countries were provided with ongoing support, learning, and community during the global pandemic, continuing their international experience online and making new connections across borders through the AFS GCC program. My key role was to train and engage the 75+ facilitators from 33 countries who facilitated over 650 virtual live sessions for students. This project received international recognition and was a finalist of the 2020 PIEoneer of the Year Awards.

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Café Social: How to Engage Volunteers

Organized by the Centro de Apoio à Inovação Social at the Instituto Comunitário da Grande Florianópolis, the Cafés Sociais are events designed to strengthen the work done by civil organizations and potentialize their impact through the offering of workshops around project management and social innovation. As a volunteer, I facilitated activities introducing effective methodologies to recruit, motivate and retain volunteers, encouraging the participants to reflect on what could be applied to their cause or project. In an interactive format, everyone exchanged experiences and made connections.

cafe social.png

AFS Global Conference

This event was a global platform for collaboration among doers, thinkers, and funders working on solutions for global competence education, having gathered around 500 attendees from 70 countries in each of the 3 editions. I supported the team working on all editions of the event in different capacities each year: in 2018 in Budapest, I co-facilitated a pre-conference workshop and led a round-table discussion with representatives from Ministries of Education and policy-makers from 10 countries. In 2019 in Montréal, I was part of the content team designing the event, acted as the emcee at the main stage plenaries, and was the moderator of a panel discussion with educators from other three global education organizations. In 2020, due to COVID, the event happened online, hosting the worldwide launch of the results of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) on the Global Competence component and explored its implications for students, educators, policymakers, and other education stakeholders. I co-led the event planning and implementation, as well as acting as a moderator during the live event. 

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ACC - AFS Global Conference.png

SAP Social Sabbatical for Local Engagement

An international corporate volunteer program (Global Pro Bono) in local third sector organizations and social entrepreneurship in Florianópolis, Brazil. Organized by PYXERA Global, a nonprofit based in Washington - DC, the program gathered 12 experienced professionals from SAP (a multinational company in the field of software development and business consulting). The participants were from 8 different countries and collaborated as consultants for 6 weeks at 4 organizations in Florianópolis: Social Good BrasilSemente NegóciosSEBRAE/SC e Fundação Catarinense de Assistência Social. As the local coordinator, my role consisted of designing work plans for the consulting projects, guide and follow up with the program participants, recruit and supervise the assistant team and organize orientation sessions, as well as opening and closure ceremony events.

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Projetos passados

Olá, I am


learning designer, facilitator, interculturalist & playfully serious

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Melissa Liles,
Founding Director at the Institute for Developing Across Differences

Carol is a strong, supportive leader who is well respected by her peers and colleagues around the world. Her genuine intellectual curiosity, creativity, systems-thinking approach, and ability to empathetically lead projects and people put her at the top of my very short go-to list of professionals I want by my side.

HRInnovationStage+Sessions_58carolineperronphotographies (1).jpg

Athman Lali Omar,
National Director at AFS Kenya -The Organization for Intercultural Education

Ana Carolina is a Mentor to me: in training in encouraging and in enhancing my ambition in developing Intercultural Education in Kenya. She has fully supported us in identifying and building collaboration, with paramount education institutions in Kenya, such as the National Cohesion and Integration Commission, on Amani Peace Clubs in Kenyan High Schools, and the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development.


Carla Rey Vasquez,
Global Citizen Manager
at Education New Zealand

I have seen Carol shine in many different roles and tasks, such as: project manager, facilitator and trainer, data analyst, curriculum developer, as well as international conference organizer and emcee – just to name a few. Proactive, ambitious, committed to her work, Carol is a light for collaboration wherever she goes.

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