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Ana Carolina Cassiano
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Oi! You may call me Carol :)

I am driven by the possibilities of social impact through education.

I love contributing to lifelong learning processes that help develop global competence, fostering collaboration and connection between people.

For almost a decade now, I’ve been working with learning design, development, expansion, and facilitation of education and training programs at a global level. Throughout my journey, I collaborate with a wide network of multi-sector stakeholders, including thousands of educators, educational leaders, and government officials across 50 plus countries.

My experience working in different parts of the world and my ability to navigate cultural differences have been key not only for the results reached through my work, but also to allow me to establish deep connections and friendships with people from the most diverse backgrounds and social contexts. People close to me know that the work I do is a source of energy and personal motivation, that overflows like my unshakeable sense of humor.  Many would describe me as seriously playful — and that’s no joke.


Since 2015, I work for AFS Intercultural Programs, a global not-for-profit education organization based in New York City. My role consists of leading and coordinating intercultural education programs and projects aimed at building 21st-century global skills among youth and educators. I’m often complimented for my excellent organizational and communication skills, as well as for consistently meeting objectives and key results. 

From my academic background as a social scientist and my first work experiences with research, I carry with me the interest in reflecting on the dynamics between individuals, societies, and cultures. I am always looking for data that can help me identify trends in perceptions and behaviors. The challenges to develop and implement engaging learning experiences online motivated me to pursue a Masters program in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh, UK. In the future, I also envision adding a doctorate to my academic experience.

My thirst for learning opportunities goes beyond those linked to my professional development, extending to interests as diverse as coffee preparation methods, meditation, and artisanal whiskey distillation. I also learn a lot as a volunteer in initiatives aligned with my worldview and values such as in ICOM -  Greater Florianópolis Community Institute, and more recently in the Brazilian group of Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research, SIETAR Brasil.

In addition to work and studies, you will often find me playing with my two dogs, laughing with my husband, taking care of my plants, practicing yoga, and having long meals accompanied by a lot of talking with friends and family. 

As an independent consultant, I am open to exploring opportunities of collaborating on projects aligned with my areas of interest and expertise.

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